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Danger, danger Will Robinson!

What does the word “danger” mean? That is the question.

You want to live in a world and experience more danger. Please consider this:

Music contains danger—built in danger. The intervals we use travel from consonance (or Safety) to dissonance (Danger). Safety is in the intervals of the unison, 5th, 4th and octave.

Between those and the dangerous dissonant intervals fall the “mildly dissonant intervals. Those of the b3rd, 3rd.

Theses border on and between light and darkness.

Then come the 2nds, 7ths- more darkness.

Finally, we get to the danger zone with b2nds, Maj 7ths, b5ths.

Our world is equally divided into light and dark, Sun and Moon, night and day. Yin and Yang, Love and Hate, Good and Bad. To choose only one side is suicidal at best. For out of darkness comes light, with its never-ending cycle, a sine wave of creative existence.

Beauty is born from darkness, and darkness is the deepest manifestation of beauty. To have only one without the other is nihilistic and self-destructive.

The Big Bang manifested Reality, the downbeat of the Cosmic Song. From there the binaural pulse began- rhythm! Between the rhythmic pillars of Joachim and Boaz, melodies began to spontaneously arise. Soon after, light and darkness appeared. Heat and cold manifested. Up and Down came into existence. And, so it all began. The Cosmic Song of life.

Within a beautiful melody lies the potential for chaos-music. So profound it destroys all illusions of comfort and beauty.

Mahler’s Tristan und Isolde.

Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings.

Miles and Gil Evans’ Wait Till You See Her.

So, where my friend, does darkness and danger exist? I propose they lurk somewhere between the pillars of creation. Between the unison and the final octave.

As was once said, “Shut up and Play!”

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