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Stream Trios/ Duos

Stream Trios/ Duos

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Stream Trios/Duos

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  • Track listening:  10 titles, duration: 58min., cat: jazz


About Stephen O'Conor;

After years in the West Coast studios as a composer/ arranger/ producer for Warner Bros., Universal Studios, Atlanta Olympics, Seville Worlds Fair, etc., Stephen O'Connor has returned to his roots as a master of the jazz guitar tradition. Stream dates back to the 70's when it was the seminal So. Cal. jazz group opening for the likes of Thelonius Monk and others. Stream- Trios/Duos is a reunion CD featuring Jeff Rew and Ronny Ogden.

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  • Reviews

    Astute guitar fans are going to appreciate the subtlity, lightness of touch and crystalline clarity as displayed by Stephen. -- George Fendel Jazzscene Magazine October, 2002

    Stream: Trios/Duos, effectively shows why Stephen must be heard by those of us who love good music. -- Jude Hibler, 20th Century Guitar Magazine, July 2002

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